<h1><font color="#990000" size="4">Gift Idea: Place all the supplies &; instructions in a cute box as a craft kit.</h1>
<h1><font color="#990000">Make a herd of crazy creatures</h1><font size="+1">

You can make a bunch cool critters! Once you've learned the technique, get creative and make these creatures in all kinds of sizes and shapes. What they look like depends on your imagination! <font color="#990000">MATERIALS: <ul type="square">[*]1 bag of pipe cleaners, various colors[*]1 bag of brightly colored feathers[*]Googly eyes[*]Sequins or beads[*]Craft glue[*]Scissors[/list]<font color="#990000">DIRECTIONS:
  1. Choose one pipe cleaner to form the critter's body, head and tail. To form the legs, bend another pipe cleaner around the body stem, about 3 inches from the end. Repeat for the back legs.
  2. Twist the leg pipe cleaners tightly and glue to secure.
  3. Bend 1/2-inch section at the end of each leg to form the feet.
  4. Twist the main stem at the front like a candy cane to form the neck and the head. Twist the other end up for the tail.
  5. Glue feathers to the body, the tail and the head. We trimmed the fuzzy part of the feather to give our critter a furry look.
  6. For ears, we glued on the flat end of a feather in a contrasting color.
  7. Glue on two googly eyes.
  8. Glue on a sequin or bead for the nose.

By Marty Westman Photo by Ed Haun/KRT

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