List Price: $29.99 Deal Price: $26.69 You Save: $2.06 (11%)The Risk Racing FLEXiT Ultra Flexible Hands Free Flashlight is constructed with an ultra-thin, flexible silicone body that allows for an unlimited number of lighting positions. The durable shape-loc frame makes it easy for users to bend, fold, wrap, stick or hook this product around objects to position and aim the light. FLEXiT uses 16 lumen tech LEDs with three brightness functions (low, med, and high) than can be bent into positions to create a focused spot or a broad flood light. It can wrap around tubes, bend into tight corners and magnetically fasten securely to metal objects. It also easily slips into tight engine compartments and can easily be positioned to flood light across your motorcycle--or even pinpoint a specific area for detailed repairs. Since it's magnetic, it can also attach to metal surfaces in a work shop or race trailer. The FLEXit is a perfect camping light, and can wrap around a tent pole to light up the site or be tucked into the front backpack strap to light up the dark trail ahead. The durable ABS base holds 3 AA batteries (included), the electronic switch and circuit, two large neodymium (rare earth) magnets, and a loop to hang or mount the light. The FLEXiT is 0.85" thick, 7" wide and 13" tall.Expires Aug 28, 2011

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