I don't post much, but I enjoy reading all of your posts. I also am
very appreciative of Liss for offering her knowledge to all of us on
a frugal lifestyle. Because there are so many new people on this
list who are having a tough time right now (aren't we all with
Christmas and the economy), I think it would be great if we all would
come up with a tip or two that has helped us in our frugal
lifestyle. One thing that I have learned because of having some very
LEAN times, is that when I have a "fat" time, I should take advantage
of it. Don't spend every last cent when you have extra, remember
Grandma's advice of saving for a rainy day. Now I know that doesn't
help those that are in dire need right now, but someday those "fat"
times will return if you get on the frugal bandwagon right now. You
have to really want it to make it work. So here are two tips to
start you all off:

1. Put any spare change that you have at the end of the day in a
jar. If you are able, always break a dollar instead of digging for
that change to make it even. Then at the end of the day you always
have some jingle to put in the jar. I also suggest that this jar be
designated for something, i.e. vacation, birthday gifts, christmas,
even an unexpected medical need, then you won't be dipping into
everytime you think that you need some money. Always make your goal
something tangible for this jar, not something like retirement or
kid's college, so that you get a reward soon enough to make you want
to do it.

2. I always make my own laundry detergent (see Budget101.com). I
know there have been debates on whether this is worth the trouble,

but I am sure glad when I don't have to take $7 out of my household
money to buy laundry detergent! I also use vinegar as my fabric
softener (it will also get out any extra soap residue).

So there you are, I have many more from reading the posts over the
years and from having to become frugal to survive. This is a
challenge for all of you to come up with your own.

Sharon from Lancaster Co., PA