Homemade Beaded CandlesToday, candles are a must in any home’s decor. Not only
do they add a lovely and colorful touch to the room’s surrounding, they
introduce an inviting aroma to the whole house.
At home decor stores you could spend anywhere from $5 to $25 or more on
beautiful and unique candles. If you hate to spend that kind of money, but long
to have elegant candles in your home, here’s a quick and easy solution.
Decorate your own candles for pennies on the dollar! This crafting project will
allow all the creative leeway you want and it is a perfect idea for gifts as
well! In only a few easy steps you will be enjoying the glitter and gleam of
your own homemade designer candles.

What will I need?

Small crafting pins ( I used small sequin pins)
Plain, inexpensive candles

How do I do it?

To get started you will want to choose the candle you will be working with.
Find a plain candle in any size, shape and color at a local crafting store or
discount retailer. There are literally thousands of options to choose from.
You could even pick up a few and make a collection of candles. Next choose the
beads you want to add to the candle. There is a wide range of beads to choose
from and most come in packages of 20 or more. When purchasing your crafting
pins be sure to take note of the size of the hole in the beads you choose. You
will need to make sure that the head of the pin is large enough to securely
place the bead onto the candle. Packages of crafting pins can also be found a
your local crafting store and usually come in packages of 100 or more. These
pins come in both silver and gold tones, so you can choose which color best
compliments the beads and candle you choose.

1) Decide on a pattern that you will be applying to your candle. You can place
the beads randomly around the candle or chose a striped (or other) pattern.

2) If you decide create a pattern on your candle, use the point of one of the
crafting pins and map out the pattern by making small pin marks into the wax.
Not too deep though, you may decide later to change the pattern.

3) Using a crafting pin place the bead onto the candle by inserting the pin
through the hole in the bead. Press firmly until the pin is inserted entirely
into the candle. Due to having to insert the pin all the way into the candle
you may want to choose the smallest length of pin that will allow you to place
the bead onto the candle.

4) Repeat until you have completed your pattern or have placed the desired
amount of beads onto the candle. You’re done!

You now have a charming decorative candle for the fraction of the cost! Family
and friends will delight in this thoughtful and creative gift.

Additional tips for this creative crafting idea:

Make a matched set of candles. Purchase the same color of candles in differing
sizes, or the same size of candles in differing colors.

Display your candle collection on a glass plate (you can purchase these
inexpensive candle trays at a local discount retailer or save even more money
and look at the price of plain glass dishes. You can usually pick up a good
sized glass plate for about a dollar).

Add several different beads to one candle.

Forgo using the beads and use just the crafting pins inserted into the candle as

If you want to make a really fancy pattern on your candle, use a stencil and map
out the pattern.

© Rubyglen.com 2003

- Rachelenn

"Merry Christmas!"


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