ATLEAST 2 weeks before Christmas, make sure you have a big enough table cloth &
it's really best to iron it right before you set the table because of all the
wrinkles & creases that can occur. Or, put a towel on the table under the
creased places & iron them out right there. If you do not use a steam iron then
double up on the amount of towel that you place btwn. table & tablecloth.
Lightly spray the creased area w/ water & gently iron w/ your flat iron. When
you iron like usual, place a towel or sheet under the ironing board so that as
the items drape down on the floor, they won't pick up any stray marks, dog hairs
or whatever else could be there.

Holiday Gift Wrapping
By Arleen M. Kaptur
Gifts can be store bought or home-made. Some have sentimental value shared by
the giver to the recipient, while others mirror a person's interests, likes and
A package that is thoughtfully wrapped and presented or placed under a tree will
share delight even before it is opened.

Boxes come in all shapes and sizes. Many can now be purchased in a rainbow of
colors. If you purchase or have a solid color box, cut out patterns such as
snowmen, snowflakes, or other designs and line the box with tissue paper that is
in contrast to the color of the box. This way the cut-outs will be shown with
the hint of the tissue paper just behind.

Use an X-Acto knife for best results - available at any hardware or craft store.
Also remember that if you can't find tissue paper in the exact color you are
searching for, layering the paper will increase the depth and magnitude of the
shade that you are trying to achieve. Too dark - remove a tissue or two; too
light - add more.
To add a special touch to your package or gift tags, choose a design that has
features you can outline with a glitter pen. Then the sparkle and shine will add
so much to the gift.
Raffia has been a staple accent for packages in the last few years. Cut 6"
pieces and bundle in the middle with a twist tie. Make several of these bundles
for a more pronounced showing; fluff out; and attach to the package with a glue
You can attach a small felt ornament to one of the strands or a jingle bell.
Wallpaper also makes a nice gift-wrapping material if you can find some really
interesting designs.
Using those metallic star stickers that we are all familiar with and a plain
index card, create a Christmas tree, wreath, or star and use as an attractive
gift tag.
Creating your own gift-wrap from plain white paper and embellishing with designs
can be an afternoon of fun for the whole family.
Use light-weight felt or fleece and tie with yarn - add cut out snowflakes or
other designs.
A light-weight towel (bath or kitchen) adds a special second gift.

Christmas material can also be purchased by the yard to use as wrapping paper.
Drapery tassels can be used to "tie" up a gift and give it a "Victorian" feel.
Paper doilies over solid color gift wrap gives a package a "delicate" feel.
A very large gift in a very large carton - spray paint the box (removing the
gift first), and then replace the item. Add some features such as stencils or
other effects and no paper is needed. Tie with festive cord and you are ready to
There is no end to the possibilities.
The most important gift is your love and your time - creating your own
wrappings, cards, tags, etc. gives the recipient double the gift value - ENJOY


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