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    Nichole, since I have been baking for many, many years and in general with a
    cobbler or pie or bar cookies they are baked at between 300 - 350 deg. of
    course this depends on your over also. I have to watch mine since it has
    been repaired because it gets hotter than the normal setting. If in doubt
    preheat at 300 and bake for around an hour, if not done leave in for just a
    little longer. Donna

    > Can someone tell me what degree oven I am to cook this at? Thanks so
    > much.
    > > 1 can of peaches(can be homemade)
    > > 1 stick of butter
    > > 1 cup of self rising flour
    > > 1 cup of sugar
    > >
    > > melt butter in the bottom of the pie plate you are going to cook
    > in. Pour in the can of peaches, then mix the remaining ingredients.

    > Pour over the peaches..Bake until the dough is done...Usually about
    > an hour or less.


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    Default : Re: Super Easy and Cheap Peach Cobbler

    Thanks so much. I figured it was about 325 or so so, but wasn't sure
    since it didn't say anything. Thanks for your reply.



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