Denial Nichols [] writes:

>Could pass on the recipe for the rice pudding? My husband had some in an
>India type resturant and loved it! I would like to make if for him, but
>haven't been able to find a recipe. Thanks so much in advance!

Hi Denial,

The Indian rice pudding is *not* the same as the rice pudding one finds in an
American cookbook. I don't have time to check now, but try the online recipes
for Indian cooking (from East India), and I suspect you'll find it there. This
pudding is far thinner, nearly soupy, than we're used to having it in the
but it is truly wonderful. If you have trouble finding it, let me know, and
I'll try
to make time to find it for you.

Sorry for saying it that way. I'm in the midst of completing five books,
two of which will be done by the end of the year, the third by April, in

to a few other things--like more work, the kids, life...and another chance at

Michelle (Young in Broome County, upstate New York)
Budget101 moderator & Ethnic Inexpensively columnist