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<font size="4" face="Bell MT">13.5pt;font-family:"Bell MT"">Traveling Survey:

<font size="4" face="Bell MT">13.5pt;font-family:"Bell MT"">What's your favorite frugal Trip

12.0pt;font-weight:normal">We have two children 10 and
11. Because they have a longer attention span then younger children we
can listen to books on tape. We check a variety of older kid tapes out
from our local library so there are several to choose from, and the cost to us
is zero.


12.0pt">When my children were younger I found that masking tape was fun.
Buy a large cheap roll of masking tape from your local discount store for each
kid and let them have at it. They can tape everything in sight and it’s
easy to remove when you reach your destination (you made need a pair of
scissors for those well wrapped areas). Just make sure that they don’t
tape their extremities too tightly or each other.


12.0pt">Happy and safe traveling,


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