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    Default missing the budget101 buds!

    What is the most frugal thing you have ever done? Don't be shy, i've done a lot of out-there stuff! Just wony wondering. Where ARE all you Budgeters??????????
    I'm having to stay at home a lot & do a lot of sitting around (Doctor's orders for some medical reasons) so maybe it's just me, but ya'll are scarce!!!!!! Also, I'm sorry that i post a lot...... In the mean time,i understand if you just delete my stuff... i really do!!
    The $10 a week for meals, is going great, i just decided not to make the tuna pea wiggle (ew sorry lol) but use the tuna for sandwiches.. Those who have not tried the 10 a week project should!
    Well have a great week

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    Default Re: missing the budget101 buds!

    --- In, RacheLenNix <rachelennix@y...>
    > What is the most frugal thing you have ever done? Don't be shy,
    i've done a lot of out-there stuff!

    I worked at Shopko one year from November until May and started
    watching the clearance areas. Of course you can find good deals when
    they are there. Got a Reebok jacket for $3.00 that my mom still
    wears. Somehow someone in the planning of the setup of products made
    a mistake and did not add an area to clearance things from the
    jewelry department, and they had to just make a small area for them
    to clearance things as space opened up. When it got to where there
    was a fridge sized box of backed up items they were old enough that
    alot of those things were under $1. I vowed to shop for everyone on
    my list that year from this box. The employees all took turns after
    an employee meeting picking one thing from the box to buy so no one
    was left out. Lucky for me that most people skipped the meeting. LOL
    I bought backpack purses for $.89 a piece, a Taz watch for $2.00,
    real diamond earrings for $15.00 (originally $99), a gold locket for
    $2.00, misc silver bracelets for $1.00 each, all kinds of goodies and
    spent around $40.00 total.
    The $15.00 pair of earrings I split up for two guy friends who had an
    ear pierced... LOL. Luckily they don't know each other and did not
    know I had done that.

    Wish I had a better frugal story, but like I said before I am kind of
    new to this. I have always been a great bargain hunter shopper, but
    used the left over cash to buy more stuff.



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