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Tiny Zoo
TinyCo, Inc.
Genre: Games
Release Date: April 21, 2011

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Build an amazing zoo full of hundreds of animals in this new game from TinyCo! It's the best and most beautiful Zoo game in the App Store.

You can collect all sorts of animals, from the cutest Panda to the ferocious Lion. Come back every day to find new animals.

- Choose from more than 60 different animals!
- Animals include Jackrabbit, Panda, Elephant, Mountain Gorilla, Unicorn, Baby Seal, Arctic Fox, Flamingo, and more!
- Breed your favorite animals to get more of them!
- Can you figure out how to make a Liger? Create new animals in the Lab!
- Show off your Zoo to your friends on Facebook or Twitter!
- Decorate your zoo with trees, flowers, paths, and more!
- Provide visitors with Shops and Food to keep them happy!

Note: Tiny Zoo requires an internet connection to play. iPod Touch users will need a Wifi connection.


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