Hey everyone! How is your November going so far?

I have a big bag of frozen leftover veggies & i don't know for sure what to do with them because 1of thetypes of veggiesinside are green beans & i HATE green beans but don't wanna pick them all out if I can. I made them for my husband & i guess i should have seperated them before I froze them with everything else. But aren't they weird to put in stuff anyway? The rest of the leftovers are corn, cauliflower,broccoli & carrots. Icould make a stew but I honestly don't know how yet.. (i'm pretty much a beginner at cooking) & my other thought was to drain & thenpour it all into a pie crust with chicken or beef & a can of creme soup.. but is green beans good in stuff like that?Maybe i'm justwantinga recipe where i won't reeeeeally taste them lolI guess i'm too picky! Anyway, if you have an idea, i would appreciate it!!! If not, that's ok!


~*_*~Rachel Nix~*_*~

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