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    Default Can someone help me please

    hi all I have been on the list for sometime now so no newbie but I have a big
    problem. See it's our checking account. Ok big axample: 2 weeks ago I
    overdrew on mistake. We only use the account for a couple of bills and don't
    an over load of funds in it. How was it a mistake well it was my fault I have
    our budget set up to pay certain bills on certain paydays and one bill I have
    to be paid the 3rd paycheck well I wasn't thinking b/c it comes out of our
    account the 15th. So I overdrew. But what makes this worse is that my bank
    take 29 dollars out sometimes I have noticed that they take that out even if the
    money is there to cover the payments and therefore I OD, I don't understand
    that. So anyway I go and deposite like 50 early that day and was od about 43,
    then deposited another 52 something later that day we had 2 payments going out
    one for 30 and one for 28.60 now yes I know this is cutting it very very very
    close but the point is there was enough funds to cover it, bairly but it was
    there but the bank took 29 out for od fees even though I wasn't od and then of
    course I od'd. How can I stop this it's costing us way to much and what should
    I do? Should I change banks or what?


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    Default Re: Can someone help me please

    --- In, TLChannel4@w... wrote:
    > hi all I have been on the list for sometime now so no newbie but I
    have a big
    > problem. <snip> How can I stop this it's costing us way to much
    and what should
    > I do? Should I change banks or what?<<

    Depending on your bank, you Might consider switching. If they
    continually charge you fee's on top of their fee's for a mistake, or
    if they take too long to credit deposits to your account, Switch!

    A local bank here does exactly that... they take up to 5 days to
    Credit a deposit into your account. It's extremely frustrating to
    make a deposit, think that you are covered, only to find half of the
    money disappear as Fee's and overdraft charges.

    Try these tips to keep you updated on your daily transactions and
    avoid overdraft fees, or an embarrassing moment at a cash register:

    *As you run errands, keep an envelope in your pocket or purse for
    any transaction receipts you collect during the day. That night,
    record your transactions in a ledger or accounting program.

    *If you find yourself using your debit card often, you may want a
    bigger ledger than the standard checkbook size. If there's not
    enough room to record all your transactions, you'll quickly abandon
    your system.

    *If you lose track of your balance you can call your bank's toll-
    free line to get updates on your available funds and recent
    transactions. Or, many banks now offer online account summaries that
    you can check at work or at home.

    If all else fails... Save up $100 that you can keep in your account
    (but don't write it into your checkbook balance) so you always have
    a little overdraft protection. You might feel that you can't afford
    to stick $100 away that you can't use.. but with the amount in fees
    that you've paid so far in 1 little mistake.. think of how much
    money it could potentially save you.


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