One more thought on this:

Your work has been EXCEPTIONAL - and despite all the budget stuff out
there - a unique spin. *I* say, (forgive me for being crude) DUMP
THE DAMNED SITE - take the info, write a book and try to recoup some
of your losses.

How much support have you really goten for all you have done for us? Love
dosn't pay the bills, or put food in your babies mouths ( and don't they just
get so CRANKY if you don't feed them 3 or 4 times each day?! ) This is no
slight on anyone in the group - we all have our loads to carry - and only you
know your load's weight.

The economy is dismal, and I do not belive it will turn around for
many of us any time soon. You've got a market hon, go for it.



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