I am wanting to make a list of food that we will consume for the next 2 weeks.
What I would like is samples from you all.

I was thinking like for breakfast I could buy some hot cereals, my hubby and I
like malt-o-meal and cocoa wheats. and some cold cereals, like maybe cheerios
and frosted mini wheats.

The for lunches I was thinking lunch meat, cheese, bread, and what else I am not
sure. Leftovers if there are any of course. The prob with lunches is that my
hubby gets bored and tired of them easily. and I don't want him going out and
blowing our money on McDonalds, Chinese etc.

Dinners are also the hard part. since my hubby is soooo picky. but I would do
some tired and true and then maybe throw in some new ones.

*Mrs. Denial Renae Nichols*

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