hi Rachel, I cut my own hair too. I can't stand getting it cut at the
salon, I'm happy when I leave but can never do it the way they do. I always
have to fix it my way, and on top of that, pay alot of money. I have
absolutly no skills at all, so I just get in the shower, wash my hair and
condition it. When I get out I towel dry it, comb it straight to the front
of my face and hack away with a regular scissor. I kind of make an upside
down "U" in the front, from one ear to the other. Then I split the back into
3 sections and try to match the shortest point in the front (by my ear) to
the side. Do the other side the same way and then try to match the last
"middle" piece in the back to the two sides. My hair is usually chin length
so I like to have a look like a little layered on the sides. Good luck and
remember, it always grows back :>) P.S.- after your done, ask someone to
check the back and just trim any little spots that you missed. Have fun,

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