Recently I have received several Telephone calls to My Residence
(not my business numbers) for reasons related to my website and for list questions.

Yesterday afternoon I received a call with questions on how to
Print items on my site. Late Last night (past 10 pm!) I received a
call Again with questions on why people can't copy content on my

I am sending this notice *Special Announcement* to let you know
that these calls to my home at all hours are NOT appropriate. If you
have a list question or a website question, PLEASE Email me. I will
do my best to answer your questions.

Please understand that both my husband & I have businesses to run
Full Time. We work with Clients ALL day long and in the evening, we
spend our time with our boys & each other.
While I WILL make Every effort to answer your emails promptly, I
am Not available to answer general phone calls regarding information

on my site.

Thank You for understanding,

Liss Burnell