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    Rachel Lenn Nix

    Default Hair Cutting Pointers

    How many of you cut your own hair, or your family's hair?
    Maybe this is too much but.....
    I think unless it is for a special occasion or perhaps for an accident, I think
    it is not the best choice to go and get your hair cut from a barber. It isn't
    that hard and i think we should all atleast know how to trim and give a basic
    cut! I know it's not THAT much,... but think of the total from the hairdresser
    money we would have extra if we would do it ourselves. SO I AM ASKING, does
    anyone have any experience or know how to cut hair, or anything? My husband
    said he would let me cut his hair... and I've cut gurls hair before..... but I
    am looking for any pointers before I begin...
    **bonus: esp. on how to cut your own hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don't get me wrong, i have family in the hair biz.. and i love going to the
    beauty shop, i just think that for a cut, i would like to save that money.....

    Thanks & God bless!


    ~*_*~Rachel Nix~*_*~


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    Default Re: Hair Cutting Pointers

    Hi Rachel-
    I have 5 sons and a daughter and a husband. We do all of our own
    hair cutting (even my own!) It is something that both comes
    naturally and takes practice. I cut my children's hair and my
    husband cuts his own and I fix it up when he is finished, ha ha! The
    most important lesson that I've learned is that everyone's hair grows
    differently and is a different texture. There are some tricks for
    trimming bangs like twisting them in the center and snipping them. I
    have done this when my daughter had bangs and it does work but I
    prefer the "eyeball method". It is also better to trim a little at a
    time. You can always cut more off but you can't put it back! I have
    layered my own hair by bringing it up in a ponytail and cutting it.
    I haven't always been happy with the results though Another trick
    for little boys hair is a "bowl cut" is using tape that doesn't
    pull. Put tape around the child's head and cut with scissors around
    the edge of the tape. then use the clippers to cut the bottom half
    of his hair shorter. I usually bring the clippers up and out toward
    me when I cut my son's hair this way. It blends better since he has
    thick hair.

    Good Luck!

    --- In, Rachel Lenn Nix <rachelennix@y...>
    > How many of you cut your own hair, or your family's hair?<


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    Cindy Beat

    Default Re:Hair Cutting Pointers

    I would go to the barber and watch him or her cut your husbands hair for a time
    or two. That is what I did and take it from there. It has gotten easier to cut
    my husbands hair as it has gotten thinner over the years.
    Cidny in AL

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