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Zombie Crisis 3D 2: HUNTER

Genre: Games
Release Date: March 30, 2011

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"Zombie Crisis 3D 2: HUNTER", the successor of IGN recommended game "Zombie Crisis 3D" ( IGN:APP OF THE DAY ) , is here!

Unlike its predecessor, "Zombie Crisis 3D 2: HUNTER" is a more delicate Third Personal Shooting Game rather than Rail Shooting Game.

The amazing graphic and comfortable controlling method will certainly enrich the game experience:

Lighting and shadowing effects enable more graphical details.
High resolution RETINA display support.
More than 15 zombies per screen increases the feel of tense.
Powerful weapons offer a feast for killing zombies.
12 game scenes and varieties of maps.

Same story stretches from "Zombie Crisis 3D"...
When Dana ( "Zombie Crisis 3D" ) is tracing the PV37 virus, there's another colleague hunting for the same goal. Her partner Fox, being appointed the task not long before, has already slipped into Argo Company.
Will Fox then finish the mission Dana left when wounded? Or will Argo spreads the PV37 virus throughout the world?

The final war is now drawing near...


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