OK, I am a little late with this, but I have been in pain with a toothache,
and then the pain with the tooth being pulled for about 1 1/2 weeks.
To switch from dsl she would need to keep her land line which is
costing her 20 a month, so I don't think she would want to do that. And it seems
she is getting a good price for dsl, because I pay about 25 a month for AOL(not
dsl). I know, I know, but I love it, I did try sbc yahoo, and hated it so
If you like to go to the bar with your friends, but don't care whether
you drink alcohol or not, consider being the designated driver. At least
around where I live, bars will give the designated driver free drinks. You could
basically have a free night out that way. And when I go out to eat I always
drink water, saves on calories and money.
I have definitely heard that changing your dogs food can make them
sick. If you want to change brands for whatever reason you need to mix the two
together first to ease them into the new brand. I read an article at The Dollar
Stretcher once about this guy who always fed his dog Iams Lamb and Rice, but
for some reason it was not available anymore. He found that OlRoy's Lamb and
Rice has the same ingredients and it is only 7 dollars for 20 lbs and I think 12
or 13 for 40. That is so much cheaper than Iambs. Plus he says all other
foods(without lamb and rice) are just fillers and not really good for them. With
the Lamb and Rice they are healthier, eat less and poop less. I have been
feeding my Great Dane OlRoy's Lamb and Rice for a couple years and she is very
shiny and never sick. This is a Walmart brand, so I am assuming you can get it

Sam's too. Any brand of lamb and rice will probably work. Sorry this got so
Rena in Michigan

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