Hi! I'm new, but would like to jump right in by offering 7 ways to cut the cost
of moving:

1. Schedule your move between October and May, and around the middle of the
month, which are the moving companies' slack periods. These periods present
better and faster service, and can save as much as 10%-15% on moving costs.

2. Reduce poundage by selling or giving unneeded items away. Consider charities
for your giveaways, and keep your receipts for deductions at tax time.

3. Attempt to collect refunds from local utility companies *before* moving.

4. Arrive at your new location *before* your moving company does in order to
avoid charges for waiting time.

5. Be sure to have enough money to pay the exact amount of the estimate *plus*
10%. That is, generally, the maximum amount customers can be required to pay
before their items are released.

6. Expect to be required to make payment either in cash, certified checks or
traveler's checks because a personal check, particularly, if your move is
out-of-town/out-of-state, may not be accepted.

7. Be sure to get a receipt.

~ kl

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