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Does anyone know a good website or company where I can order good but not-so-pricey maternity clothes? Thank you for your time! God bless you, *RacheLenNix*

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    Rachel Lenn Nix

    Default Maternity Clothes

    Does anyone know a good website or company where I can order good but
    not-so-pricey maternity clothes?

    Thank you for your time!

    God bless you,


    ~*_*~Rachel Nix~*_*~


    The New Yahoo! Shopping - with improved product search

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    Default maternity clothes

    Rachel here is a website I bought all my maternity clothes from here and the
    proces are good. Hope it helps

    Motherhood Maternity - Clothes and Accessories On-Line

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    Default Re: maternity clothes

    Before buying maternity clothes, see what you can use at home first.

    For example, your partner's button down shirt is a good base item
    that can be dressed up when paired with dressy pants, or dressed own
    when worn with jeans.

    You can get an attachment that expands the waist of trousers and

    Also, when buying maternity clothes, try and buy clothes that you
    can wear after pregnancy eg stretchy tube skirts and tunic tops.


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    Default maternity clothes

    not sur if this is allowed here but I have a few maternity clotes
    (like 2 or 3) that are xl. If someone sends me their address and
    name I'll mail them out Friday afternoon


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    Charmaine Pearce

    Default Re: Maternity Clothes

    While I was pregnant, I bought clothes a few sizes too large - mainly pants
    with elastic waists or mens clothes (especially shirts). I work in an
    office and needed to look neat and tidy. I had quite a few comments on how
    nice I looked as most of the clothes were recent fashions. I bought all of
    these clothes at garage sales, flea markets or off the sale racks. I did
    not pay more than $5 for any outfit and had five full changes. I could not
    handle anything tight around my stomach and being larger, the pants would
    pull up completely over my stomach and were not tight. I also was given a
    belly extender for pants. It was a triangle piece of black cloth that fit
    in the zip of pants. It had a loop, near one corner, made of black hat
    elastic that looped over button and a strip of velco on another corner to
    fit in the button hole. This made it adjustable and very comfortable - no

    Brisbane, Australia

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    It's been years since I was pregnant (my son is now 20) but the best
    thing I ever had to wear was a pair of men's overalls- depending on
    where you gain your weight and how you are shaped, you may get by
    with a pair of overalls and some of your own shirts (lower buttons
    undone) until 6 months or so. I didn't care for the styles of
    maternity clothes available then (everything had bears and bows and
    was all "cutsie") so I wore regular stuff as long as possible to
    avoid the 1980's T-shirts that had the arrow and said "under

    Lisa G>

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    Default re:maternity clothes

    Hi Emily
    Nobody even noticed the shirts I wore were mens shirts. I worked with some
    very 'clothes opinionated' (to put it nicely) co workers who could be very
    nasty about clothing styles. I never had a negative comment about the
    shirts or the fact they were mens, in fact I was often asked where I had
    purchased them from. I prefer to buy mens shirts as I find they are usually
    a better quality for a cheaper price than womens shirts. I am tall and I
    find mens shirts fit so much better than womens clothes. They seem to be
    longer in length and in the arms so you dont have to keep tucking them in or
    pulling them down. Go for it, buy one and see how it goes. What have you
    got to lose!
    Brisbane, Australia



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