Hello all,

I would appreciate some input about a couple of issues, please. The
first being the amount of money spent on groceries each month. Right
now I am spending $100 a week on groceries for a family of eight. I
have no idea if this is adequate, but it is substantially less than
what I used to spend. This doesn't include money spent on
entertainment meals (take out, pizza, etc.) We have been working
hard on cutting down on fast food and make most of our meals at home
and also use leftovers for lunches. I just don't have anything to
compare to since most of my friends have smaller families and larger
incomes and seem to spend freely on groceries. Does $100 a week seem

The other thing that we have just recently decided to try is a once a
month special night out with mom and dad for one child. There are
six kids so that would mean each would only get to have this special
time 2 times per year. This is so that they can have a little
undivided attention from mom and dad. We can't afford to take 8
people out to a movie or a restaurant regularly. I thought maybe
this would be a better option for us. We spend a lot of time
together doing things that are free, and we eat meals together
regularly. This is just a little extra special day. I would like

some opinions as to whether this is a good idea or not since it is
only going to happen twice for each kid. We tried it with our oldest
first and he said he really enjoyed it and the others were not
jealous. They had a special dinner at home and played games. We
also brought back candy for them so they were excited about that.
Any ideas would be very helpful!