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    Default mice and roaches

    These have been tried and really work.
    Cockroaches: Just mix 50/50 granulated sugar and baking soda (Arm &
    Hammer) and place where ever you see them.Takes about a week to
    notice a reduction and 2 weeks later, no roaches.You may want to
    repeat to make sure they don't come back.

    Mice: Place instant mashed potatoes in a lid and place where you see
    tracks. They eat this and go to get water and the potatoes swell in
    their stomach and no more mice.... kills them for good. I keep this

    out all year round because I live in the country and have not saw any
    rodents for quite sometime... Find dead ones in the yard every so
    often. I check mixture often to keep it full. Really works great.

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    Default mice and roaches

    As far as I know this works on field mice,house mice and huge rats.

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    Default mice and roaches

    Hi Bobbie
    I don't have any problems with roaches either but I did with mice and rats. So
    far the problem has been greatly reduced.
    Have'nt seen mice or rats for quite some time but I still leave instant potatoes
    Yes, I have animals..... 3 dogs, and over 50 birds .... I love
    birds. Have from Cockatoos to Finchs.
    Glad you like the posting. I thought everyone would like to try it. It really
    worked for me.

    Thanks again...Crystal



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