Hey everyone!

My name is Rachel Lenn Nix and my husband and I got just married this August! We
moved here to central Texas to go to college together. Well, God blessed us with
me getting pregnant so I am taking off this semester! I'm really glad because I
actually have lots of time to get our home settled and have plenty of time to
learn the (much needed) frugal ways. I am soaking in every bit of info. i can on
ways to spend and save save save money wisely. I appreciate all tips and advice!
Being in college sure can take up your money fast! We're looking for my husband
another job. His is great but not enough hours. I had to quit my job today
because it was too hard on my pregnant body... i really hated that because we
need it, I loved it, and it was the perfect job... but my baby comes first!...
so i am either going to look for a less strenous job or i need to learn to
garden food or something. We live by the lake and our yard is pretty average
sized.. not to big or little. I've been learning
TONS of new recipes and ways to make "something out of nothing" in the kitchen,
but I need more. We don't have a tv (I find that i actually like it! More
quality time....) and have paid our internet service for the full year as that
was the wisest way, moneywise. Right now I'm looking for a less expensive phone
service, ways to lower the electricity bill and cheaper ideas for household
items and substitutes as we are still making our new home (like curtains and
decor if I can-- i know they're not necessary.) Really I need to learn about
everything. I'm really excited about it all! I can't wait to get our ALREADY
piling up bills OUT THAT DOOR!
I really like Budget101's group and look forward to getting to know you all!
God bless you!

--The Newly Wed


~*_*~Rachel Nix~*_*~


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