Percale doesn't make nice rags, but if there are any salvagable parts on the
sheet at all, and you make the top completely out of percale, it can be cut up
for QUILT TOPS. Use whatever pattern you like... It also can be cut into
jammies for little kids for the summer time. If the top of the sheet is worn,
but the foot of the sheet is still nice it can be used as a table cloth for
small tables. Cut into valances for a room.... Made into chair pads, or
aprons. Even can be cut into garment covers for stored clothing. Can be used
to make drawstring bags to store shoes in so they don't get dusty, or for bags
for toys.

There are tons of projects that old percale sheets can be cut up and reused in.

Emily Y.

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I still have the sheets and the elastic still works -- although I think it
is time to fling them. Percale does not make nice rags.

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