I had to try this before I sent this post. I have 8 cats living in my
home -- 2 adult females and 6 kittens from 3 different litters. (One
is a rescue that I got from my counselor that I literally saved.)
We "did" have a flea problem - but not as badly anymore.
My SO works with another mechanic at a shop who's vet recommended
using Original Dawn dishwashing liquid to kill fleas. You bathe the
animal with it and it kills the little buggers. I thought okay, it's
inexpensive considering flea sprays -- safe to use during pregnancy.
(Am due April 13,2004)
I am one to try almost anything once to see if it works. And the Dawn
dish soap worked to kill over 90% of the fleas. It's also safe for
young kittens whereas flea sprays are NOT recommended until the
babies are 6 weeks or older.
We will be doing a second treatment this week to rid of more of the
fleas and I think if used at least once a week would be completely
effective in getting rid of all the fleas over time.
The only thing I would note is you have to bath all your animals on
the same day to be additionally effective. I bathed only the babies
and the Mom's shared their bugs. So, we bathed everyone the same

afternoon and it was much more noticable how many "bodies" died. I
was picking dead bodies off my rescue Le Chat -- he was in heaven
over the attention! I am going to invest in a flea comb and see if
that is easier to get the bodies off the babies.