I just wanted to add that as "left over" money accumulated in savings, we
starting budgeting more to go to debts. We did the snowball highest interest
rate first--put all extra towards Bill A until it was paid off. Then focusing
on the next bill Bill B--paying all that we had been paying to paid-off Bill A
plus what we had been paying to Bill B until it was paid off, then onto C, etc.

Once you get going, about 6 months to a year into paying off bills, it gets much
better The first few months where you're living paycheck to paycheck or you
have like $10 left over is rough.


Anyway, once you get going
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Everything was as tight as possible on our initial budget. I did it on an
Excel spreadsheet. I divided the spreadsheet by 1st half of the month expenses
and 2nd half of the month expenses (we both got paid every other week). When we

got paid, I would pay the bills for that half of the month, leave enough money
in the checking account for other expenses like groeries, and if there was any
extra, put it in savings. Out of sight, out of mind. If something came up and
we had to have more money, I could transfer it back. But most of the time, not
seeing it in checking made me not spend it.

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