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    Default Homemade Laundry Soap

    Hi Everyone!

    I am new, my name is Rachel and I am married with 5 children. I have
    heard that decreasing the amount of store bought laundry powder and
    adding baking soda can stretch the soap and save money. It also
    helps with odor problems, and with 4 out of my 5 being roudy little
    boys we get a lot of stinky laundry! I have heard members suggest to
    others to make their own laundry soap and am curious as to how it is
    made, can someone share this "recipe" with me?



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    Default Homemade laundry soap

    Hello, I make my homemade laundry detergent out of a mixture of 3
    gallons of water, 1 cake of Fels Naptha soap, 1 cup of washing soda
    and 1 cup of 20 mule team borax. It works great. We live on a farm in
    West Virginia and the mud is a foot deep in spots, especially when
    feeding the horses. Everything I wash in this stuff comes clean. I
    hope that this information is helpful to you. Joyce



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