Subject: Re: Critiquing the shopping trip for Erin.

Greetings! I am on a tight budget but I feed only Science Diet. I buy the
35-40 pound bags which I consider a good investment considering the health of my
dogs and cats come first. I mix three varieties (Nature's Best, Sensitive
Skin [for winter dryness] and Advanced Protection.) The dogs get Science Diet
treats but I will also give them Snausages, Scooby Doo, etc. When I mix canned
food in, I will use either Science Diet or Iams. The kitties get Fancy Feast
and Science Diet for their canned.

My pets have always been blessed with excellent health, perhaps it is because
they receive the nutrition they need.

ILuvDobes at
Mom to rescue pups and cats

For their dry food, they get Purina One mixed with just a little bit of
kibbles n' bits (a have a huge rubbermaid container and I put in three
bags of purina one and one bag of kibbles n' bits--just for a little
flavor!) The Purina One is about $13-$14 a bag where I get it, but
it is worth it. From everything I've read, the cheaper dog foods don't
have as much nutrition and are more fillers which the dogs don't absorb
and cause them to <sorry> poop more. They'll also need to eat more of
the cheaper food. On the other hand, I absolutely cannot see paying
$35 a bag for Hills Science Diet or that sort of thing. Not that my
babies aren't worth it, but it just doesn't seem necessary. It's like

hot dogs vs. chicken vs. filet mignon. The chicken is better than the
hot dogs but the filet mignon is not necessarily better than the
chicken--just more expensive. Sorry I'm running this point into the
ground but I know so many people who pay $6 for 50 pounds of dog food
because $10 or $20 a month is too much--if 50 cents a day is too much
to feed your dog then you shouldn't have one.

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