Thanks for the info on netflix- I had wondered about that- right now
Dvd players are about 40.00 @ Walmart- and before Yule, when the tvs
get marked down- If i am very very good- I want to get a tv for the
bedroom. (I got my vcr for free when my boss up graded for his
daughter and that stays in the living room.)Not as easy as it sounds-
I have to pay off 3 bills to qualify (and I promised I would judge
myself fairly)
I know that I am very happy with the that someone
recommended awhile back- I took the bronze membership (7.99 per
month) and have had 6 books in the last 30 days. Former English major
picky reader and even I am Happy with the selection. Looking at the
price on Perfect trust , the mystery that I am currently reading- it
alone would have been 8.95 pt. @ Books a million where I have a

discount card around $8.00. 6x8=$48.00 - 8.00(rounded)=savings $40.00
x 12= $480 which would pay off a credit card that I used for dental