I just had to share this....I went to Wal Mart to look for some type of paint to
redo my blinds...well I found the roll up bamboo kind(white) on sale...marked
down from 9.99 to 6.00 to $1.50 ...yes one dollar and fifty cents...i bought
three..for the windows I was covering these were perfect....also bought fleece
for 2.62 a yard...for blankets..then went to Goodwill Store and bought a huge
teddy bear for Grandchild....I'm gonna do some stuff to it yet...a baby doll for
neice...very very nice condition...and a baking dish for myself and a doll for a
pattern, and three christmas tins for cookies and candies...all of this
I'm so excited and dh is very pleased


**Proud Mother of Marine RCT Clint C.**


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