Ick. What a horrible shopping day.

First off, don't buy the little Champion dinners. If you have a small dog and
they HAVE to be on wet food, then purchase the larger cans for a little bit
more, but you get like 3 meals for 99 cents instead of $2.01. Most of the time
Kibble is better for them anyway (also known as "dry dog food"). Moist dog food
will rot their teeth quicker.

Second. Why the Snausages dog treats? Most dogs don't need treats. Again,
like the food, there are cheaper treats. Look at Purina treats, they are like
$3.00 for a two month supply for a small dog... But, there isn't any reason a
dog HAS to have treats. My boys do just fine without treats except on odd
occasions. I think I purchase, $10.00 - $15.00 in treats for a YEAR for my two
dogs. And they aren't small!!! (115 lbs and 53 lbs.)

If you are hooked on the magazine, stop purchasing at the store and pick up a
subscription. In almost ALL cases that saves you money. If you aren't HOOKED
on the magazine, then quit buying it all together.

Quit purchasing the individual apple sauces. Buy 2 or 3 small containers,
rubbermaid or tupperware so that it will last you a while. And start purchasing
the HUGE jars of apple sauce. They will last about 3 weeks in the fridge after
opening, and the night before you can scoop out and fill your container and put
the container back in the fridge for easy grabbing. I am assuming you take
these to work with you... Your large jar of apple sauce you will more than
likely get about 12 - 15 servings out of and they will cost you between $1.50 to
$2.00 each.

Puchase chicken breasts, and boil them and then shred them yourself. Holy cows
and rabbits friend! These cans of chickens are going to put you in the poor
house!!! <grin> You can purchase chicken breasts, boil them up, shredd them or
chunk them (depending on what you want to do with them) and then freeze them and
they will keep just as long as the canned and be cheaper too. Not to mention
healthier since they won't have all the sodium and fat in them that the
storebought has.

I don't know what size of Tide you bought, but check out Arm & Hammer instead.
Up here in Eugene the A&H is about 1/2 the price of Tide and works just as well.

So many hugs. I wish you lived closer to me, I would take you shopping and give
you tons of ideas.

Emily Y.

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