Nope you categorized it right... But why so much for just FUN? Geesh, that's a
lot of moola. Cut that to $50.00 per month and put the other $70.00 into your
savings. Use the rest as a treat. Got to starbucks only once per week, the
clubs only once per month, rent videos or DVDs, borrow the Movies / DVD's from
friends or libraries. Eat out only once a month or once every two weeks.

If you have DSL, then that can be quite entertaining too. I use my interenet as
entertainment. I also belong to Netflix. It's online.
it is only $19.95 per month with unlimited rentals and no late fees.

Hey, I don't go to bars or clubs at all. When I want to have a good time I
invite friends over and we make dinner here, watch movies, play card or board
games. I don't have kids so it's just DH and I that I have to entertain, so I
can focus on more adult entertainment and we aren't stuck playing candyland all
the time.

Pick up a hobby, I crochet, scrapbook, sew clothing, embroider... I can do all
of these very cheaply by watching at garage sales, Goodwill, and St. Vincent De
Pauls. My friends always have wonderful ideas of what to give me for my
birthdays and Christmas too. By doing all these crafts, I don't have to go out
to entertain myself. I have enough fabric stored that I won't have to really
purchase fabric for 2 more years or so too. LOL!

If you can, increase what is going into your 401K too. It is pre-tax so
increasing it by a few % shouldn't make that big of a difference in your net
income. The more going to 401K and into savings and the less into your pocket
the less you will miss it anyway.

Emily Y.

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Hey all

Now below it says spending money. When I think of spending money I am
thinking dining out, Starbucks, going to movie theatre, to bars /
clubs, etc. Should this be under "Food?" Or did I catagorize it right?