Two points, then an explination...
#1. DSL and Cable internet are both about 10 TIMES faster than regular dialup.
So you will be about 10 times slower than you are now. When we had dialup we
had a 56K modem. On average it connected at 48-50K in speed. That is
Kilobites. With our cable dialup we are connected at 1.2 MB (average), that is
Megabites. DSL is about the same as Cable so you can feel safe using these
numbers for your comparison. So, on DSL, you are surfing and doing your email
10 times faster than you would be doing it on dialup. (I apologize, in an
earlier post I did say it was 50 times the difference, since then I looked back
on my notes and found the numbers and it is a 10 time difference for our home
network on dialup vs. cable.) A way to decide if you can stand it is to surf to
your favorite website and time it from the time you enter the url or click on it
in favorites. Stop timing when the page is fully loaded. Times that number by
10. If you can stand that wait then ok. Now surf to a site you haven't been to
before (one that wouldn't be in your computers cache) and do the same thing.
Can you still stand the wait?

#2. After 6 months that 10.37 for Earthlink will go back up to either 19.95 or
21.95 anyway, then you will be stuck with dialup that is only $2.00 less or the
same price as your DSL and stuck with a much slower connection. That doesn't
make sense to me, it doesn't save you any money after 6 months, and it just
makes it more inconvienent to get to where you want to go.

If you can stand the slower speeds (*I* can't, but some people can) then you
should check into something that is cheaper, like Juno or Netzero. They are
only $9.95 per month ALL THE TIME. If you don't want a slow down then keep your
DSL because the $21.95 you pay is the same as most major dialup providers (AOL
and such).

Now, having said all this, remember that these opinions are my own and after
getting all the information you need to weigh this decision for yourself. My
PERSONAL opinion is no, switching to dialup is in no way worth it.

Emily Y.

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Hey all

I wanted to thank you for the emails to help me try to figure out
this budget thing. A lot of you have mentioned how my internet seems
high. It is DSL service and that is why. If I switch to dial-up will
the internet be really slow then?!?! I was looking at Earthlink and
they have a special where it is $10.37 the first 6 months.
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