Hey all

I wanted to thank you for the emails to help me try to figure out
this budget thing. A lot of you have mentioned how my internet seems
high. It is DSL service and that is why. If I switch to dial-up will
the internet be really slow then?!?! I was looking at Earthlink and
they have a special where it is $10.37 the first 6 months.

Another thing mentioned was my mobile phone. I have unlimited service
(unlimited minutes) and long distance. So its a flat rate of $50 a
month. It looks like I could/can eliminate my home phone.

I actually just ended up paying for my auto insurance for the next 6
months. So I only have $30 a month for renters now. This is how my
budget looks right now.

Now below it says spending money. When I think of spending money I am
thinking dining out, Starbucks, going to movie theatre, to bars /
clubs, etc. Should this be under "Food?" Or did I catagorize it right?

$650 Rent
$226 Car Payment
$250 Credit Cards & Misc. Other Bills
$30 Renters Insurance
$150 Food/Cleaning (For Myself & My Puppy & My Fish)
$50 Mobile Phone Bill
$40 Direct TV
$21.95 DSL Internet
$20 Electric
$80.00 Gas/Petrol
$120 Spending Money/Entertainment

That roughly leaves .00 left over. I want to save, but in a more

aggressive manner than $20, so it frustrates me. Again I am saving
about $50 a month through my works 401K programme. Plus they match a
little, so it really is like $75 going into 401K. Im just trying to
think practically and if something were to happen and I needed $$$ I
wouldnt have that much.

Any advice on the savings issue?

Thanks again!!