I don't know how many of you are diapering--we use cloth but I have
to have disposables for church and my Bible Study groups--whenever
Nicholas is in the nursery. We go through 2-6 disposables per week.

Walgreens has their house brand B1G1F until tomorrow. It comes out
to 11-14 cents per diaper, depending on the size (more dipes in the
smaller size packages). These are decent diapers, they aren't as
absorbant IMO as Pampers or Huggies but I haven't had them leak--
they are fine for daytime use.

A pack of 28 size 3 diapers runs $6.49, so on sale it costs $3.25.
You can't buy them on the website, only in the real stores.

Just wanted to pass that on in case it helps someone else! (And if

anyone ever wants info on Cloth diapering, I would be HAPPY to
help! We love them!)