I love this group--not planning on leaving

But I'm in 3 or 4 other groups that were focused towards Christian
SAHMs that I had hoped would be topic oriented towards being a SAHM
and all the related issues, but are just super-chatty. I was hoping
for a similar frugal list like this one plus some common spiritual
elements--but unfortunately they were not the right groups for that,
as lovely as the ladies are in the groups I'm going to leave
those groups and might want to add some new ones

So if you have any groups you're in that you like a lot, ones that
share a lot of good practical frugal living advice and are friendly
without being super-chatty (to me, super-chatty is where 95% of the
messages are completely personal; I love to get to know people but I
don't like to delete so many messages to find some information that
I want to read), please email me offlist with some group
suggestions. I don't want to join a bunch of groups without having
any idea whether they are what I'm looking for or not I like
this group a lot, sharing cooking, shopping, housekeeping, crafting,
etc ideas and just the right balance of chattiness--so similar
groups would be great.

Thanks for your help! You can email me offlist at:
bsm7305 at yahoo.com
mommy_2_nick at yahoo.uk.co (those are underlines, not dashes)

Thank you!!!