News from the Nichols

I guess that there is a lot of confusion about me coming from this group, so
I thought I would clear everything up!

My name is Denial Renae Nichols (first name is pronounced Danielle). I am
married to Reverend Brian Scott Nichols. A wonderful man of God! Our wedding
anniversary is August 18, 2001. We just celebrated 2 wonderful years
together this past month. I married a younger man by 3 years. My birthday is
Halloween. I will be 26. His birthday is June 8. He is 23. (but he is going
on 50! – that is our joke around the house, cause he acts and thinks way
beyond his years.)

Brian has lived in Arizona and Indiana. He is from the South Bend/Mishawaka
I was born and raised in Indiana also. I was born in Rochester, Indiana and
lived in the country between Rochester and Peru Indiana. We currently reside
in Carmel, Indiana.

Brian became a licensed minister with the ALJC in 2000. He has been
preaching the gospel for about 8-10 years now. We are currently waiting on a
decision from our Pastor and the board to become the youth leaders (youth
ages 11-20) at our church. We are affiliated with the ALJC (stands for
Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ). We are Apostolic/Pentecostal in
doctrine. We strictly adhere to the standards set before us in the church.

My Hobbies – I love to read, I started crocheting (not very good at it,
can’t really find a good book to tell me how to do things), I Ebay (I do it
for fun and to declutter the house), I like to take walks and I LOVE the
local library (see it here ).

Pets and or Children – None. We are working to get out of debt before we
have children. But if the Lord blesses us with one before hand, we won’t be
upset. We don’t have any pets here. I have a cat but it is living with my

mom and dad and now she is “their” cat. I couldn’t tear her away from their
dog anyways; they love each other too much!

Financially we are doing ok. Not the greatest but we are ok. We are trying
to follow Dave Ramsey’s book (go here We have $40 in our
emergency fund and about $16,000 worth of debt. I have a feeling that once
we do get closer to being out of debt, the more doors God will open for our
ministry. That way Brian is able to go and preach places easier, without us
having to worry if we have the funds to cover the travel expenses and the
bills. But it will happen all in God’s time.

*Mrs. Denial Renae Nichols*