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    Default Question about salsa

    Hello All,
    I have kind of a strange question. This morning I told my husband I was
    going to make salsa out of all the tomatos in our garden. And he said
    "well don't poison it." I said WHAT??? And he told me that he heard
    somewhere (wouldn't tell me where) that if you make salsa wrong then it
    could poison you. He wouldn't or couldn't tell me anything more and he
    finally changed the subject. I thought maybe he was joking cause I've
    never heard this before and I've made salsa before without a second
    thought but I do want to make sure. Has anyone else heard anything like
    this before??
    Thanks so much,


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    The Smurfy One

    Default Re: Question about salsa

    Your hubby may have something!

    Here is a quote from that website:

    Four clinical forms of botulism occur in humans: foodborne
    botulism; wound botulism; infant botulism; and, rarely, adult
    infectious botulism. Foodborne botulism is a public health emergency
    because the contaminated food may still be available to other people
    besides the patient. Studies in monkeys indicate that, if
    aerosolized, botulinum toxin also can be absorbed through the lungs
    [6]. The persistence of botulinum toxin is very high: it remains in
    nonmoving water and food for weeks. Important changes in the
    epidemiology of botulism have emerged in the past few decades.
    Recently identified vehicles for foodborne botulism include homemade
    salsa and traditionally prepared salted or fermented fish. In recent
    years, restaurant-associated outbreaks accounted for a large
    proportion of botulism cases. Botulism is not spread from one person
    to another. Foodborne botulism can occur in all age groups. Infant
    botulism occurs in a small number of susceptible infants each year
    who harbor C. botulinum in their intestinal tract. It usually
    affects children in the first year of life (mortality 2 %), with the
    onset of obstipation, lethargy, ptosis, swallowing discomfort,
    hypotonia, general weakness, and distressed breathing. It accounts
    for 5 - 10 % of the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

    So there may be something to that. *grin*


    --- In, yma832@w... wrote:
    > Hello All,
    > I have kind of a strange question. This morning I told my husband
    I was
    > going to make salsa out of all the tomatos in our garden.

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