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    I am currently trying to make extra money at craft shows. But going
    to craft shows to see what ppl are making out here doesnt help cuz
    then when you go to a craft show you have a million of the same
    things. So I would like to know if any of you have ieads that are
    cheap...and pretty easy and that are different. Would love all the
    ideas you have.
    Thanks Again,


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    I do tons of crafts - and get most of my patterns for free on line-
    right now I am doing 3 presents - I am working on a baby present that
    I did buy the pattern, a bread cloth that I found a pagan counted
    crosstitch chart that I loved, love it more now that I have the
    colors going together on it and a soft sculpture . I think I am going
    to try to find 2 other designs, 1 pagan for me and 1 Christian for my
    mom and do us each a bread cloth before Yule. And as i told Erica in
    a previous post- HG tv is awesome for free instructions. I found the
    pagan symbols at Willow's Place which is Rev Willow Polson- and am
    currently doing her grapeman(like a green man ) design on the
    breadcloth. She has a great sense of color- I love the way that the
    piece is turning out as I work it.

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    <font FACE="arial,helvetica"><font SIZE="2">does anyone know of any craft shops that take consignment crafts from out-of-state? Trying to make a little extra money each month. Thanks.




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