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    Default Foodsaver question

    I'm really excited because I just got a Foodsaver as an early
    birthday present.

    One question I have is in regards to microwaving in the bags. With
    the regular freezer meals you get at the store, it says to puncture
    the plastic to vent the steam coming off while cooking. Obviously I
    don't want to poke a hole in the Foodsaver bag, but do you make a
    notch near the seal? or do you not worry about it?

    Thanks for the advice!


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    Default foodsaver question

    i just bought (at a garage sale) a foodsaver for $1.00. Can't wait to use
    it. What a deal- the man who sold it didn't have a clue! It sounds like it's
    working!!!! Problem and question-It didn't come with directions. I bought a
    roll of foodsaver bags that you can make whatever size you need but I haven't
    a clue as to how this thing works. It also has the jar vacuum sealer cap. Can
    someone send me the basics of how it works. Step 1, step 2, step 3 etc.
    At what point is the food put into the bag if it's on a roll to be cut to


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