First I want to say a special "Thank You!" to Teresa in Texas, I've been
making some of the recipes you've posted and I sure love them all. And I
love this list, I get so much good info and help from it. I'd like to
contribute an eensy little tip about leftovers going to waste. This always
used to happen around here and I hated throwing out so much food, but no
more! I'm so happy that I solved the problem and it's so easy. All I did
was keep a roll of masking tape and a sharpie marker handy and each time I
put a plastic container of "something" in the fridge I tear off a small
piece of tape and write the name of what it is. This has made all the
difference. I realized that when someone in my family is looking for
something to eat, they won't rummage through, opening recycled coolwhip
cartons and trying to figure out what the mystery food might be. But boy do

they go after it when they see my little sign saying "macaroni and cheese"
or "peach cobbler", etc.
Barbara in Texas