Here's How:

1.. Place the 1 teaspoon of Metamucil into the jar. Add the 8-10 ounces of
water and shake well for about a minute.
2.. Pour the mixture into the bowl (most cereal bowls are suitable).
3.. Place bowl in the microwave and nuke on high for 4-5 minutes (actual time
depends on microwave power) or until the goo is about to bubble out of the bowl.
Turn off the microwave.
4.. Let the mixture cool slightly, then repeat step 3 (microwave until about
to overflow). The more times this step is repeated the more rubbery the
substance will become.
5.. After 5-6 microwave runs, (carefully - hot hot HOT) pour the flubber onto
a plate or cookie sheet. A spoon can be used to spread it out.
6.. Allow to cool. There you have it! Non-stick flubber. A knife or cookie
cutters may be used to cut the flubber into interesting shapes.
7.. Flubber can be stored at room temperature in a sealed baggie for several
months. It will last indefinitely in a sealed bag in the refrigerator.


1.. If the flubber is sticky then the amount of water needs to be reduced. It
should be clammy, but not sticky. Use less water next time.
2.. PLEASE use adult supervision. Molten fluids and microwaves are involved!

What You Need:
a.. 1 tsp Metamucil
b.. 8-10 oz water
c.. microwave-safe bowl
d.. microwave oven
e.. jar for shaking

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