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    Default : chicken stock question

    Good Afternoon,

    My hubby purchase chicken thighs past saturday. I totally forgot about their
    existence in the frige till today. I just pulled it out thinking of making
    chicken soup. It had pretty strong smell but I can't figure out if chicken
    is uneatable. I am cooking the stock at this point and not sure if I am just
    being paranoid or stock does smelly funny. Anyone can tell me if I am
    wasting time trying to make soup out of bad chicken?

    Thank you so much


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    Julia, I would not use this chicken if it were me. If there is a strong
    smell to it that is a bad sign. Poultry shouldn't be kept in a frig for
    more than a day or two.
    Just my opinion.


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    If it were me, I would not use anything from this chicken. Sorry, it is a waste
    of money, but better than getting the family sick from food poisoning. This is
    one reason, that when I purchase any type of meat as soon as possible I put all
    meat into the freezer, just incase I would forget that it's in the fridge.

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    Default Re: : chicken stock question

    Thank you for all replies!

    Sadly, I chose to go on with that chicken (I posted my queation yesterday,
    Sept 3rd). I made very tasty soup that I cooked for at least 4 hours (didnt
    realize hubby will come home so late). I am still eating the soup and hoping
    to finish it myself. Just cross your fingers for me please


    PS It was only $2 worth of chicken but I couldn't make myself throw it out

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