This is something I have been doing for years. When you see how easy it is do..
you will wonder why you ever bought them!!

You will need:
Frying pan
spatula/fryer-flipper whatchamacallit!
Oh yeah.. and bread!

Stale bread, fresh bread, buns, it all works! Rye, white, wheat... etc etc

On a cutting board, cube the bread. Cut it into 1" or smaller pieces.
Remember, these are NOT going to get nasty and hard to chew. These are going to
be tender yet crunchy. Big peices are good!!!

Next, there are two ways of doing this. You can either make your oil and
seasonings in a shallow dish and dip.. or do it the EASY WAY... I prefer EASY.
So therefor.. here are those directions!

In a large fry pan add about 2TBS of cooking oil, or olive oil if you choose.
This will need to come to a medium heat. No higher.. no lower.

But not until you add your seasonings.

Ahhh, the best part. Pick and choose.. and don't forget.. when it is done.. you
can sprinkle them with parmesian cheese if you like too!

garlic powder
onion powder
a sprinkling of sugar.. light!!!!!!!
parsley flakes
oh.. you get the picture.. open up your drawer.. or look at the wall rack!

Mix those seasonings into the oil, bring the heat up to medium to medium high..
this brings out the flavor of the seasonings.. only for a few minutes.. bring it
back down to medium then.
Add your cubed bread[s].
Toast/grill on one side til golden brown, flip over and toast/grill the other
The whole process of toasting takes about 5 minutes or less.

Serve HOT! They are yummy hot.
Great for adding to the tops of soups too!!!


Krista Rose

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