I read somewhere to use hydrogen peroxide as a toner and I am very happy
with the results. It has helped bring the blackheads to the surface. *Not
a very pretty thought I know! But EXTREMELY frugal as a bottle is only 33
cents most places.* I am also just using Retin-A at night~ tryinig to even
out my skin color so that I don't HAVE to wear make-up I do use the
Biore strips, I also read to try straight white glue, but I haven't had much
success with that!


BTW~ I am starting my 2 oldest children in public school tomorrow I am
just over my head with trying to keep a roof over my heads and my stress
level is over the top, I can't do this to my babies, they are much better
off there! I am grateful that my oldest isn't in Jr. High yet~ that's when
I know I have to be ready to homeschool!!!

To Tamyra in El Centro~ you are getting a mall! LOL~ that is all the talk
around here! They are supposed to build a mall here also, but an outdoor
mall?? This IS HOT Yuma! Anyways... you just may be the only divorced
homeschooling mom! Give me a few years! I will pray for that anyways!