The Duracell Mobile Inverter 100 efficiently converts 12-volt DC battery power from a vehicle's cigarette lighter or power port into safe, reliable standard 120-volt household AC electricity. This versatile inverter includes a three-prong AC outlet plus a convenient USB charge port, allowing you to simultaneously operate and recharge both an AC-powered and a USB powered mobile device with ease. When your laptop, iPod, Blackberry, Palm or any other portable electronic device runs out of battery power, simply plug it into the Duracell Mobile Inverter 100 and keep it going. The Duracell Mobile Inverter 100 is one of the smallest inverters on the market and can easily be stored in your laptop bag, vehicle console or glove box. The inverter's highly efficient product design assures quiet operation without a noisy cooling fan.Expires Aug 2, 2011

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