Okay so my dh and I with our newborn ds and 3 yr old
dd are planning on going to Los Angeles-Anahiem, Buena
Park area for 4 nights. We live in Santa Barbara only
1.5 hrs north of LA. But we are tring to find ideas
on things to do. Our dd is too young for Disneyland I
think we will wait until our newborn is older so they
can both appreciate it. We think we want to go to
Knotts Berry Farm, I havent been there in years. Is
it a nice place for 3 year olds?? What other types of
things including inexpensive things can we do. The
hotel we are staying at is $50 per night including
full bkfst at a pretty nice Best Western. Believe me
in Southern Ca, that is a great deal.

They have ripleys believe it or not, medieval times
also, but I think those might scare a 3yr old. What
do you think?

How can we eat cheaply without packing a bunch of
things. I was thinking of packing soda's and little
boxes of juice so we wont spend on drinks, that is
unless we eat in a restaurant.

Are there any nice parks or small attractions like
trains etc in the area for kids.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kathy


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