Staples Canned/Packaged Foods Spices/Seasonings
Baker's chocolate Beans (canned, dry) Basil
Baking powder Broth (beef, chicken) Bay leaves
Baking soda Canned diced tomatoes Boullion cubes (beef, chicken)
Bread crumbs (plain or seasoned) Canned fruit Chives
Cake mixes with frosting Canned mushrooms Cinnamon
Cereal Canned soup Cooking sherry
Chocolate chips Canned tuna & chicken Crushed red pepper
Cornmeal Dried soup mix Dry mustard
Cornstarch Gravies Garlic powder
Crackers Milk (evaporated, condensed) Ginger
Flour Non-fat dry milk Nutmeg
Honey Pastas Oregano
Nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts) Rice (brown, white) Paprika
Oatmeal Salsa Parsley
Oil (olive, vegetable) Spaghetti sauce Pepper
Pancake baking mix Tomato paste Rosemary
Peanut butter Tomato Sauce Sage
Shortening Salt
Sugar (granulated, brown) Soy sauce
Syrup Tarragon
Vinegar Thyme
Worcestershire sauce
Wine (red, white)

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