I am calling out to any divorced moms who are homeschooling...

How do you make ends meet? I don't get much for child support and I do have an
online job where I do verifications... I try to put in at least 3 hours a day,
but it's hard with kids home... They are 10 *5th grade*, 8 *3rd grade*, and 4
*almost kinder*...

I appreciate any help... in addition, I am planning on taking as many courses as
I can fit in, hoping to start the nursing program by Fall 2004 if I have all my
pre-reqs done! I want to avoid HAVING to be frugal to WANTING to be frugal...
plus, I really want my kids to start college young and have an Associates by 18
or 19 and be able to help my grandkids *and children* as my parents help me! I
am grateful for their help *piano lessons~ ballet~ football* but need
desperately to pay for these things myself! I plan to Pay It Forward, but there
are things I have to do to get there *schooling for RN*...

Well... gotta get to church~

Thanks so much in advance for all your input~ I don't want to clog the list

afterwards with Thank U's! But need to acknowledge the fact that I am grateful
for any thoughts!
Yuma, AZ mom to 3

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